In June, Kazatomprom head Vladimir Shkolnik said that Russia and Kazakhstan will continue to work under a joint venture to build nuclear power plants in Kazakhstan, and the feasibility of the project being coordinated by the state authorities of Kazakhstan.

In July, in Astana for the framework of the signing of bilateral documents, Rosatom and NAC Kazatomprom agreed to sign within two months of an agreement on marketing strategy in the nuclear sphere.

In particular, an agreement was signed, implying a change in format of cooperation between the parties in a joint venture ZAO ‘Center for the enrichment of uranium’ (central administration).

Now, instead of construction of new enrichment facilities, as previously assumed, Kazakhstan will receive a share in one of the existing Russian companies, Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant (UEIP).

In addition, Russia and Kazakhstan reconfirmed their plans to create a consolidated company in the nuclear sphere on a parity basis, which is stated in the memorandum of integration and cooperation.