At issue is the construction of two large hydroelectric power stations, namely Sangtuda and Roghun. Their construction began in Tajikistan in the Soviet period.
An investment of about US$2B in the country’s hydro energy sector would make it possible to produce up to 15BkWh annually in the short term and to provide neighbouring countries with cheap energy, Tajik Prime Minister Oqil Oqilov told the 25th session of the CIS Energy Council.
Having a hydraulic energy potential of 52BkWh, Tajikistan is only using 3-4% of that amount, the prime minister said. He said the solution of the problem lay in mutual cooperation between the CIS states in building the [eastern] Roghun and the [southern] Sangtuda hydroelectric power stations.
The prime minister said that an international consortium made up of UES of Russia, Iran and Tajikistan was being set up in order to complete the construction of the Sangtuda hydroelectric power station on the river Vakhsh.