JSC RusHydro has completed renovation of hydropower unit No. 6 at the Volga hydroelectric power station (HPP) in Russia.

Renovation program included the replacement of the hydro turbine, generator, excitation system, hydroelectric unit management and automation system, as well as auxiliaries. The equipment has been renovated in line with RusHydro’s Comprehensive Renovation Program (CRP).

The new turbine features an improved design and is highly environmentally friendly. The renovated impeller has 5 blades instead of the former 6 and is designed for higher water flow rate through the turbine. This will make it possible to increase the hydropower unit capacity in the future by 10.5 MW.

Hydropower unit No. 6 has been renovated under the long-term contract between JSC RusHydro and OJSC Power Machines concluded in 2011. General contractor is responsible not only for the equipment manufacture and supply but also for dismantling, installation of equipment, installation supervision and commissioning operations. A total of 15 hydro turbines and 6 generators out of 22 have been so far replaced at the Volga HPP.

The Volga HPP Comprehensive Renovation Program also includes upgrading of the hydropower unit automatic control system, replacement of 220 and 500 kV power transformers, gate-controlled spillway and other hydro mechanical equipment. Besides, renovation of the equipment of the open switchgear (OPY- 500 and 200 kV) is yet to be done.