The Russian nuclear state company NIAEP-ASE and Intergraph have created an accurate 3D model of the Rostov nuclear power plant, using laser scanning technology.

AtomStroyExport needed accurate digital information about the facility, which was missing from the original construction and design documentation.

The team used Intergraph’s SmartPlant Fusion technology to quickly create an as-built model of the facility. The system integrates photorealistic laser scan data, SmartPlant 3D models, and scanned paper documentation.

A portal now provides a comprehensive view of all technical asset information for the nuclear power plant operations and maintenance personnel to use as a master system for subsequent mechanical and operations work.

Due to the success of this project, this technology is now being considered for all future projects by NIAEP-ASE, Intergraph said in a statement.

Rostov NPP plant is one of the largest nuclear plants in the south of Russia, supplying 15% of the region’s electricity. There are two 1000 MW pressurized water reactors in operation, and two units under construction.

The Rostov nuclear plant (Source: NIAEP-ASE)