The battery pack manufacturing facility is equipped to produce 1GWh by the end of year and significantly quadruple the capacity to 4GWh by 2018.

Romeo co-founder and CEO Michael Patterson said: “Romeo’s state-of-the-art factory is both proof and promise of our place in the new energy economy.

“Contrary to what many fear, automation is creating jobs – in this case, over 200 good jobs. Competitive, in-demand jobs with living wages.”

Romeo Power said that the facility will manufacture the breakthrough battery packs which are said to be the most energy dense on the market.

Capable of providing faster charge and go farther than the current packs, the batteries are expected to dramatically extend the range people expect from an electric vehicle.

The Romeo lithium-ion battery packs are designed, engineered, tested and produced on site.

The new facility, which features the only research and development and testing lab on the West Coast, produces battery packs ranging in size from 1kWh to 1MWh to meet specific power and energy density needs.

All of the Romeo’s batteries are designed for EVs and stationary applications.

Romeo Power Technology is a energy storage technology company founded by engineers and designers from SpaceX, Tesla, Amazon and Samsung.

Image: Romeo Power Technology founder and CEO Michael Patterson. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.