The partnership in structural metallic systems for advanced gas turbine applications is said to be the first collaboration of its kind between Rolls-Royce, EPSRC, Birmingham, Cambridge and Swansea universities. The partnership will include research, fellowships and postgraduate training to help create the next generation of materials scientists and metallurgical engineers.

Ric Parker, director of research and technology at Rolls-Royce, said: “Materials research is a vital part of ensuring we have the technology and skills needed to deliver gas turbines that will meet our customers’ future requirements. The strategic partnership with the EPSRC is an important step in developing these technologies and skills. We look forward to working with our university partners and building on the excellent relationship we already share with them.”

Dave Delpy, chief executive of EPSRC, said: “This exciting programme of research and training will help create the next generation of metallurgy specialists. These specialists are essential to the global competitiveness of UK manufacturing companies and the development of new materials from their research will play an important role in the future needs of industry and the wider society.”