UK based Rockhopper Exploration has signed a further contract for marine seismic acquisition services with Polarcus for the use of the seismic vessel MV Polarcus Nadia.

This contract is in addition to Rockhopper’s contract for the MV Polarcus Asima vessel announced on 21 October 2010.

Under the new contract, Rockhopper will acquire a 3D seismic survey over areas of its licence PL024 in the Falkland Islands and adjacent areas, as well as participating with Desire Petroleum on areas of licences PL003 and PL004, in which Rockhopper has a 7.5% working interest.

Desire Petroleum has simultaneously signed an identical contract with Polarcus allowing the two companies to share the Nadia vessel for acquiring seismic data in each of their adjacent licences and other areas.

Nadia is expected to commence the joint survey in December 2010 with completion by end of April 2011.

Rockhopper carries out an offshore oil exploration program to the north of the Falkland Islands.