A Swedish Conjet Robot 361 hydrodemolition machine is being used to help boost the electricity generating capacity of three hydro power plants on the Drava river in Slovenia.The robot is being used by the contractor Gradis to remove concrete from nine vertical turbine draft tubes to make way for new steel linings and greater capacity turbine generator sets.

The three hydro plants at Dravograd, Vuzenica and Mariborski otok, were all built during the 1940s and early 1950s. The renovation of Dravograd has been completed with three turbine generator sets increasing the power station’s total installed output from 22.8MW to 29.8MW. Gradis is currently focusing on removing the concrete from turbine draft tubes at Vuzenica to increase their diameter. After finishing the hydrodemolition work at here, Gradis will complete its work at Mariborski oto.

Completion of the second phase of the renovation and upgrading of the hydro power plants will provide an additional power capacity of approximately 40MW.