The client estimates likely reserves on 31,000 of its 120,000 net acres in the play are about 65 million barrels of crude oil equivalent, net after royalty.

The produced and flowback water from the client’s centralized oil production facility will be tested, analyzed and treated by Ridgeline’s STCI.

The treated water can then be reused for hydraulic fracturing or disposed of reducing the Client’s costs while addressing environmental concerns.

Ridgeline CEO Tony Ker said initial bench testing of produced and flow back water from the Leonard Shale site has been sampled at the company’s new physical laboratory in Scottsdale, Arizona.

"Ridgeline’s technology and water management system is designed to assist all of the company clients operating in the south-western US to deal with water availability issues and the often prohibitive expense of trucking and disposal," Ker said.

Sampling and analytical testing of the water treatment process will be carried out by Mobile Analytical Labs of Odessa Texas.

The company, through the Eau Claire Partnership, will deliver the water treatment services.

Ridgeline is an environmental technology and consulting company focused on waste management in the oil and gas industry.