Giant King Grass propagation nodes were harvested from the VIASPACE nursery in California, inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture which issued a phytosanitary certificate, and were shipped to Jamaica where Giant King Grass was planted and is now growing.

ReSource BioEnergy, which is incorporated in New York and with operations in California and Jamaica, deploys best-in-class bioenergy solutions to help improve individual well­being, community resilience, and ecological health — all within a commercially viable business model that serves the triple bottom line — planet, people, profit. ReSource BioEnergy and its affiliate Jamaica BioEnergy, based in Kingston, Jamaica, have a shared mission to achieve zero carbon energy independence for Jamaica by 2025. Further information on ReSource BioEnergy is available on their website

VIASPACE CEO, Dr. Carl Kukkonen, reported, "We have been working with ReSource for nine months, and they have visited our California nursery on several occasions. We have signed a confidentiality agreement as well as the Giant King Grass Supply Contract. Fresh cut samples of Giant King Grass from our California nursery were sent to ReSource for laboratory analyses for suitability as a feedstock for bioenergy. The results were very encouraging, and this resulted in the contract and shipment. We are fully supporting ReSource and we agree that Giant King Grass has great potential in Jamaica. This project continues the VIASPACE focus on Giant King Grass based energy projects in the Caribbean/Central American region. We now have Giant King Grass growing in St. Croix US Virgin Islands, Nicaragua, Guyana and Jamaica."

ReSource BioEnergy Inc.’s Co-founder and CEO, Mr. Tom McGrath, stated, "We are very happy to team with VIASPACE. Giant King Grass is an important energy feedstock for zero carbon energy independence in Jamaica. This renewable energy project is good for the global environment, and provides local agriculture and clean technology jobs in Jamaica. The project will boost employment and foreign trade. We are developing a pipeline of BioEnergy projects with stakeholders from the business, community and agricultural sectors for a more sustainable future."

Mr. Chris Lindstrom, ReSource Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer added, "We are helping the shift from an oil economy to a soil economy, igniting local projects with clean technologies. In the end, it’s about working carefully to deploy technology as if people, soil and community matters."

VIASPACE Chairman, Dr. Kevin Schewe, concluded, "We firmly believe that Giant King Grass is best-in-class as the world’s highest yielding, continuously renewable, carbon-neutral biomass platform that can be co-utilized as a superb animal feed. After due diligence independent testing, ReSource Bioenergy agreed that Giant King Grass is indeed best-in-class and they have deployed GKG to Jamaica and have successfully established Jamaica’s Giant King Grass propagation nursery. The tropical climate of Jamaica is perfect to support the high-yielding growth of Giant King Grass and our initial results at the Jamaica propagation nursery are excellent. We are delighted to be working with ReSource Bioenergy and their team of professionals who have the technical, business, financial and operational connections to make an inspiring global example of using Giant King Grass to help achieve zero carbon energy independence for Jamaica by 2025. ReSource Bioenergy’s mission is to ‘accelerate the shift from an oil economy to a soil economy.’ We know that VIASPACE and Giant King Grass can greatly help to accelerate that shift and we are very proud to be an integral part of Jamaica’s future in this regard."