Reservoir Capital Corporation has filed applications with the Government of the Republika Srpska – an autonomous region of Bosnia and Herzegovina – to build three run-of-river hydroelectric projects on the Cehotina River, with a combined capacity of 17.75MW.

The Cehotina River flows from Montenegro down into the Drina River at the town of Foca. The company has applied for a 30-year concession covering the 26km section of the river within the Republika Srpska, which has an elevation drop of 114m and median flow rates ranging from 20m3/sec at the Montenegrin border to 23m3/sec where it joins the Drina.

The total natural energy capacity for this section of the river is 24MW (211 GWh/yr) from which the company’s consultant ENCOS Energy Consulting Services of Sarajevo has designed three the three projects –Luke (5MW), Falovici (9MW) and Godijeno (3.75).

“We’re very pleased to be starting our first projects in Bosnia and increasing our development pipeline to a notable 108 MW,” said Miljana Vidovic, President and CEO of Reservoir. “We’re also very happy with the capacity factor averaging 56% that we’ve been able to project for the Cehotina dams.”