Research and development projects
Company Project title Start date Value (US$)

Yayasan Bina Usaha Small hydro export opportunities 18/06/97 $1370
The British Hydropower Association Business plan and trade directory 01/01/97 $20,935
Caledonian Energy Monitoring of small hydro projects 19/01/98 $12,101
The British Hydropower Association Best practice guide for developing small hydro overseas 05/01/98 $34,787
Dr Tom Jardine Successful financing of small hydro projects overseas 05/01/98 $33,752
Fawley Aquatic Risk assessment method of passage of fish through turbines 01/12/98 $56,506
Dulas Realising the potential for the protection of the environment by developing small hydro power 01/02/99 $21,116
IT Power Advanced automatic control systems for the Chinese hydro market 01/10/99 $29,608
The British Hydropower Association A strategy for the UK hydro power industry 01/10/99 $25,991
IT Power Siphon propeller turbines operating at variable speeds 01/02/01 $183,999