Rentech’s product demonstration unit (PDU) is claimed to be the only synthetic fuels facility in the US producing transportation fuels.

Rentech said that the facility is designed to produce approximately 420 gallons per day of synthetic jet and diesel fuels and demonstrates the successful design, construction and operation of a fully integrated synthetic fuels facility utilizing the Rentech Process.

The Rentech Process is a proprietary technology that converts synthesis gas from carbon-bearing resources into hydrocarbons that can be processed and upgraded into clean synthetic jet and diesel fuels. These fuels are reported to be cleaner burning and more efficient than petroleum-derived fuels.

The PDU is currently producing synthetic fuels from natural gas, and once gasification is added, it will also be capable of producing fuels from biomass and other fossil resources.

Hunt Ramsbottom, president and CEO of Rentech, said: The initial production run of ultra clean synthetic fuels at our PDU has been very successful and demonstrates the strength of the Rentech Process. Once product samples from the PDU are tested and approved by our potential customers, licensees and partners, we believe we will be well positioned to enter into contracts with them.