The group together with Growth Energy has accused EU of violating ten trade laws in its investigation of anti-dumping claims, causing errors in assessment of facts, besides imposing duty charges against the US ethanol.

In addition, RFA has claimed that the investigations carried out by the union are not in compliance with its own laws pertaining to implementation of anti-dumping penalties. EU has resorted to overestimating the volume of imports from US, refusing to calculate individual dumping margins and assigning individual dumping duties, the group added.

Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Bob Dinneen said the group believes that the duty imposed violates the trading law and they are ready to pursue any challenge.

"Whether it is a private challenge in Luxembourg or a challenge at the World Trade Organization, we are going to fight this illegal ruling to the end, and we are going to win," added Dinneen.

Meanwhile, RFA and Growth Energy are seeking other ways to tackle the duty including the collaboration with US officials to challenge EU before World Trade Organization (WTO).