The Renault-Nissan Alliance (Renault-Nissan), an alliance between Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Nissan) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Elektromotive Ltd. (Elektromotive) for Zero-Emission-Mobility. The MOU aims at improving the installation of charging networks for electric vehicles (EVs) in cities. Both companies will study ways to promote the use of electric vehicles and will share information on EV development and energy supply on a global scale.

Renault-Nissan and Elektromotive collaboration will also undertake education programmes and develop incentive schemes to attract EV purchasers. As well as continuing with further development of its infrastructure system, Elektromotive will purchase or lease EVs built by the Alliance.

Our two companies complement each other perfectly: owners of Alliance-built EVs will need access to a comprehensive charging system wherever they live and work and Elektromotive is in a unique position to supply user-friendly charging stations for our EV customers, says Andrew Palmer, senior vice president of Nissan Motor Co. Together we can work towards a zero emission future.

Calvey Taylor-Haw, managing director of Elektromotive Ltd, says: We believe passionately that the emission-free electric vehicle represents the best way forward for future mobility. And with Nissan and Renault bringing serious, practical and desirable EVs to market soon, public awareness and usage of the EV can only increase.