Renault is planning to collaborate with Vinci Park, a parking management company in Europe, to provide charging infrastructure and associated services for electric vehicles (EVs) in car parks following the declaration of the French government plans to develop EVs.

The partnership will require Vinci Park and Renault to jointly identify suitable way to deploy charging infrastructure in the car parks of the Vinci Park network and also develop services linked to the charging and parking of EVs, in line with customer requirements.

The joint study will cover a wide vista including the sizing of the charging infrastructure; technical aspects related to the deployment of the EV charging infrastructure; charging-related services and packages and parking needs tailored to EVs.

Additionally, Vinci Park will taking part in the electric mobility trial organized by the Renault-Nissan Alliance in the Seine Aval area outside Paris (SAVE project) under which Vinci Park will work with the local authorities to study the charging infrastructure of car parks in the area covered by SAVE.

The participation in the project will allow Vinci Park to have access to the electric vehicles built by the Renault-Nissan Alliance and the opportunity to run life-sized trials on charging points and their use.