These PV modules will be used in several solar projects that will take shape in the country in the coming months.

Recom says that it aims to become one of the leading PV module suppliers in the Turkish market, which has an abundant potential for renewable energy development.

As per Turkey’s Ministry of Energy, solar installed capacity in the country is expected to reach at least 5GW by 2023.

 Recom CEO, Hamlet Tunyan said: “There is a great demand for high-quality modules on the Turkish market. Even though obtaining the Surveillance Certificate was very challenging, the outstanding performance of RECOM modules has been validated in many large-scale projects worldwide and we will accompany the transition to low-carbon economy in Turkey as a strong and reliable partner.

“We are confident to play a major role in re-shaping the dynamics of future solar development and provide to our customers all the benefits of modern technology.”

In July, Recom has acquired Sillia VL, a French PV module-maker, established in 2008.

The company has an annual production capacity of 50MW. After the acquisition, Recom said that it plans to increase Sillia VL’s annual production capacity to 150MW by investing in modern and automated equipment and production tools.

At the time of the acquisition, Sillia had a pipeline of 197MW of projects. 

Last year, Recom deployed its 260Wp Amur Leopard solar modules at the 11.9MW photovoltaic project in Cyprus.

Image: Recom secures approval from Turkish government to supply 200MW PV modules. Photo: Courtesy of Neville Micallef/