Rebuilding Together, a non-profit working to preserve affordable homeownership, has partnered with sponsor HSBC Bank US on a project to deliver energy-efficient repairs to a Housing Works facility for homeless people living in the East Village of Manhattan.

Under this project, Rebuilding Together New York City will work with HSBC to perform energy-efficient upgrades, including the application of energy efficient coating to the roof, to ensure the longevity and efficiency of the facility for its clients.

The project, which will lower energy costs for Housing Works, forms a part of Rebuilding Together’s Green Housing Initiative that focuses on providing environmentally-friendly rehabilitations, while performing outreach to educate homeowners and communities on the value of energy-efficiency.

Rebuilding Together New York City executive director Matthew Lang said that Rebuilding Together New York City is truly appreciative of continued partnership with HSBC in its effort to make a difference to the community.

“With the help of HSBC and their volunteers, we will create a more inviting and energy-efficient environment for Housing Works to continue their community services,” Lang said.