Rätan Power Station was built in 1968 on the Ljungan River in the Berg district of Jämtland and has two generators with a capacity of 60MW. Normal annual production is 227GWh and the head is 61m.

“E.ON is one of the world’s largest energy service providers and this is Rainpower’s first contract with the company in Sweden following the formation of Rainpower Kristinehamn AB,” said CEO Casper Vogt-Svendsen. “In conjunction with Rainpower Hymatek’s new technology for electronic regulators, today we can offer complete governor equipment. We view this contract as an important first step on the road to success with our organization in Sweden.”

Rainpower Kristinehamn was set up as a subsidiary of Norwegian firm Rainpower in November 2010. Earlier that year, the parent company entered into a cooperation agreement with engineering firm KTAB to become a fully integrated provider of hydropower technology and services in the Swedish market.