RadiSys Corporation (RadiSys), a US based provider of advanced embedded solutions, has introduced a new fully-integrated embedded system, Procelerant IS 1000, based on Intel multi-core technology. The new system is developed specifically for industrial automation applications. The new IS 1000 is powered by Microware Real-time Hypervisor, a virtualization software module that enables multiple operating systems to run concurrently, at full speed, and without interruption.

Hypervisor technology also allows equipment manufacturers to consolidate legacy industrial computing hardware, real-time control software and general purpose applications onto a single, industrial grade, long life computer. The IS 1000 is equipped with an integrated development environment (IDE) and pre-ported, real-time popular fieldbus protocols, such as EtherCAT, which allow companies to quickly add industrial automation applications. To ensure the IS 1000 works out-of-the-box, RadiSys has ported software, tested and verified the system enabling companies to significantly reduce their development cycles and improve time-to-market.

Incorporating the Procelerant IS 1000 into designs allows equipment manufacturers to reuse existing software, preserving their initial investment. And, with all hardware consolidated in one system, development teams aren’t spending time designing hardware and software from scratch – instead they can focus valuable resources on developing application software that differentiates their products.

The IS 1000 is complementary to the new RadiSys Procelerant CEZ5XL, an industrial-temperature (-40C to +85C), ruggedized Com Express module based on recently announced options for the Intel Atom processor Z5xx series. With Microware Real-time Hypervisor, the hyper-threading technology is supported by the Z5xxP/PT processors and can be used to run two operating systems concurrently. This makes the CEZ5XL module, a part of IS 1000 offering, an ideal solution for industrial control applications by combining low-cost, industrial grade, high performance and the support for both GPOS and RTOS into one powerful package.

”Delivering an integrated, tested, verified product that allows companies to reuse their existing system software means that they can spend their engineering resources adding new features that differentiate their products. This leads to improved time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership,” said Wade Clowes, vice president and general manager of commercial markets for RadiSys. “And, our customers can pass cost savings along to their customers. Because the IS 1000 supports today’s popular Operating Systems, a manufacturing facility could use one computing system to manage a variety of functions including computer numeric control and programmable logic control.”

About the RadiSys Procelerant IS 1000:

The IS 1000 is a turnkey solution available in a variety of form factors and configurations. Customers can select the appropriate compute module: COM Express, mini-ITX or RMS server and the right Intel processor and chipset to meet their needs. These include the Intel Core2 Duo and Intel Xeon processors and the Intel Q35 Express, Intel 3100, Intel 945GME, Intel GM45, Intel GS45 ,Intel US15W SCH and Intel Z500 chipsets The IS 1000 supports Windows XP, Linux and real-time operating systems such as OS-9 and features an IDE, graphical design platform and visualization tools to help speed application development. The IS 1000 can be ordered in 4U rack mount or desktop enclosures.