RadiSys Corporation (RadiSys), a US based provider of advanced embedded solutions, has introduced a new scalable, embedded server, Procelerant RMS420-Q35JD, based on Intel multi-core technology. The RMS420-Q35JD delivers high performance at a reasonable price and is the new addition to company’s embedded servers. The RMS420-Q35JD is ideal for medium performance applications such as general purpose X-ray or machine vision systems.

With Intel Core2 Duo or Intel Core2 Quad processors, customers can choose the appropriate compute power for their application. The RMS420-Q35JD also features on-board high resolution video and audio and a PCI Express (PCIe) x16 slot that can accommodate an additional graphics card, or a co-processor. Additionally, the RMS420-Q35JD includes two more PCIe slots along with four PCI slots to support newer PCI Express add-in cards along with a variety of legacy PCI boards. This allows equipment manufacturers to combine new and old cards in a single server to maximize performance and improve time-to-market.

With the RMS420-Q35JD we have a very flexible product at a reasonable price point, said Wade Clowes, vice president and general manager of commercial markets for RadiSys. The beauty of this product is it delivers dual- or quad-core processing power in a rack-mount or tower form factor and supports both PCI Express, and legacy PCI cards. This means customers can realize increased performance while protecting their initial investment, and transition to PCI Express technology on their own schedule.

About the RadiSys Procelerant RMS420-Q35JD:

The Procelerant RMS420-Q35JD is available with Intel Core2Duo or Intel Core2 Quad processors. The server is equipped with 3 PCI Express and 4 PCI slots and includes the Intel Graphics Media Adapter 3100. Additionally, the RMS420-Q35JD features 667/800/1333 MHz front-side bus and dual channel memory of up to 8 GB of DDR2 667/800. RadiSys also backs the product with long-lifetime support including full revision control.