According to the proposal, SNC-Lavalin Inc would manage the construction of the 2000MW dam at Gull Island and the 824MW dam at Muskrat Falls. For its participation in development, Ontario is to get one third of the electricity generated from the project, while Québec will get the remaining two thirds. A new 1250MW interconnection grid would be built to carry the Labrador power to Ontario.

The Newfoundland government says it has received 25 formal expressions of interest to develop the hydro project in Labrador. Newfoundland is seeking the best possible deal and the next step will be to draw up a shortlist of bidders to negotiate maximum economic impact for the province, while addressing the interests of Labrador’s Innu aboriginals and the environmental impact.

In addition to the Québec-Ontario bid, US based companies and a Chinese consortium are believed to be keenly interested in the Labrador project.