Mr Ehrmantraut brings 30 years of management experience in technology companies including four successful startups. Prior to coming to Quantum Solar, he made major contributions in transitioning startup ventures to large companies such as Sun Microsystems Canada. He contributed to the success of Elemetric Instruments as CEO, Triton Technology Systems as president, Signalsoft Corporation as VP Worldwide Sales & Marketing, Bfound Business Unit and Osiris Systems as president.

As CEO of Elemetric Instruments, a company engaged in the commercialization of Los Alamos National Labs’ real-time element detection technology, he executed a successful turn-around of the company’s engineering development project resulting in the sale of products globally.

Graham Hughes, CFO and member of the board of Quantum Solar Power, said: “As a representative of the Quantum board, we are very pleased to be able to tap into Daryl’s ability to develop strategic alliances which will be of great benefit as we roll out our new business model.”