Tecstar Automotive Group provides alternative fuel systems to the automotive industry. Tecstar is a subsidiary of Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, a leading provider of alternative fuel systems (such as fuel cells, hybrids, alternative fuels, hydrogen refueling) and powertrain engineering to companies such as General Motors, Toyota and Ford.

In addition to announcing its new multi million dollar contract, Tecstar has also revealed that it will establish a California distribution center in order to keep up demand for its products. Tecstar will utilize Quantum’s existing 5.2 acre Southern California facility located in Irvine.

We are pleased with the expansion of this OEM (original equipment manufacturer) program and the ability to leverage our expanded operational base to better serve our customers, said Jeff Beitzel, COO of Quantum. Using Quantum’s Irvine facility as a distribution point will improve our ability to serve the western US and reduce the costs of distributing our product.