Quantum will provide the engineering effort to accommodate the model year changes for the fuel system. It will also produce the alternative fuel systems and provide the specialty vehicle assembly of the fuel systems into the new trucks.

In addition to integrating roughly 250 components into the vehicles, Quantum will be responsible for the powertrain and systems engineering to ensure that the system is optimized for performance, durability, safety and emission compliance over the life of the vehicle.

Quantum’s engineering effort also extends to the vehicles being validated through a wide range of operating extremes including hot weather, cold weather, high altitude and crash testing prior to going into production.

We are very pleased to continue this business with General Motors. This program allows us to strengthen our skills as a systems integrater, which we are leveraging into many programs including our hydrogen hybrid and military vehicle programs, said Alan Niedzwiecki, president & CEO.

This also allows us to advance our capabilities as a tier 1 production supplier, which will be critical for us as we move toward the commercialization phase of fuel cell applications.