Mitsubishi and Toyo Thai Corporation Public Company (TTCL) have secured the full engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) contract for the reverse osmosis based facility.

Construction on the facility is already underway, for which Mitsubishi has, in turn, awarded the design and construction of the desalination units to Spain-based Acciona Agua.

The project is the first desalination project for Acciona Agua in Qatar and it is the first project to use reverse osmosis technology on a large scale for potable water production in the country.

When operational, the plant will be capable of producing 164,000m3 of potable water per day, which will be supplied to the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA).

QEWC has also inaugurated the Ras Abu Fontas (RAF) A2 seawater desalination plant which has a capacity to produce 160,000 m³ of treated water per day that amounts to almost 10% of Qatar’s national water requirements.

The $502m RAF A2 plant employs multi-stage flash distillation (MSF) technology to supply potable water to KAHRAMAA for 25 years.

A consortium of Mitsubishi and TTCL has carried out construction on this facility, which will be connected to a network of reservoirs via a 183km long and 2.5m wide pipeline.