The company filed the application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last week and has begun due diligence to pursue appropriate international intellectual property protection pursuant to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). In addition to addressing the methods and apparatus for a high Power Factor, dimmable, energy efficient, rapid starting electronic ballast for Cold Cathode lighting, the patent application also includes provisions for a full Cold Cathode fluorescent bulb which incorporates PureSpectrum’s ballast technology.

PureSpectrum’s current product lines for the multibillion dollar domestic and international residential and commercial lighting markets features a full line of dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) ranging from nine to 23 watts and dimmable ballasts for linear fluorescent lighting. The company is planning to launch its branded line of dimmable CFLs at LightFair International in New York in May 2009.

While conventional fluorescent lighting is filament based, Cold Cathode fluorescent lamps do not contain a filament and can claim several advantages over filament-based applications, including longer life spans and higher efficiency. Because of their low maintenance properties and longevity, Cold Cathode applications have been used in the past to provide backlighting for laptop monitors, photocopiers, cell phones and television screens.

“Cold Cathode fluorescent lighting may ultimately represent the evolution of fluorescent lighting,” said PureSpectrum president and chief executive officer Lee Vanatta. “The enhanced functionality available through the use of the PureSpectrum ballast design could result in a more rapid recognition of the benefits and possibilities presented by Cold Cathode fluorescent lamps.”

Because Cold Cathode lamps do not contain a filament, there is a reduction of the amount of heat generated during operation and a proportional gains in energy efficiency. With fewer electronic components, a Cold Cathode lamp also enjoys a reduced risk of failure and a longer lifespan than a conventional fluorescent lamp.

Cold Cathode lighting has not yet been fully absorbed into the mainstream lighting markets, but the superior technology and intuitive design of PureSpectrum’s dimmable ballast provides the bridge between theory and reality for Cold Cathode lighting. PureSpectrum vice president of sales Garth Kullman said the absence of a high quality, affordable ballast has restricted the usage and acceptance of Cold Cathode fluorescent lighting products.

“PureSpectrum has always been a technology development company driven by the needs of the marketplace, and the addition of fully dimmable Cold Cathode products to our product line allows us to more fully meet the demand for dimmable energy efficient products which exists in the marketplace,” Kullman said. “While Cold Cathode lighting is still only beginning to be introduced as a potential replacement for inefficient lighting, the continued development of Cold Cathode technology will almost certainly lead to future energy efficient lighting solutions. PureSpectrum has always operated ahead of the curve by directly addressing consumer needs, and improvements we have made to Cold Cathdode lighting strengthens our position at the forefront of the movement to provide consumers with high performance green lighting products.”