Armstrong has announced the release of a new software package designed to speed up the process of pump selection and system design.

ace Pump Selection Software holds a vast database of information on Armstrong products from which the most appropriate products can be identified with just a few clicks of a mouse. Pumps can be selected with minimum effort and maximum confidence, says the company.

To make a selection, the user enters data where prompted by the program and sets priorities. Weighting can be given to criteria such as best value, best speed or most energy-efficient to ensure that the products provide the closest match in every application. The program instantly suggests a range of equipment for the required installation. Full technical submittals can then be very quickly drawn-up with dynamic curves and dimension drawings immediately available from the software database. The user can select from a wide range of pumps including Vertical In Line, End Suction, Vertical Multistage and Circulators. The software will also automatically select relevant accessories, such as FloTrex valves and suction guides, which can be installed along with the pump. In addition to matching pumps to specifications the ACE package offers a range of tools for exploring possible alternatives and managing projects.

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