PSE acquired the facility to meet the growing demand for electricity from its customers.

Located in the Whatcom County near the city of Ferndale, Washington, the facility uses combined-cycle, and co-generation technology to produce electricity.

Initially, the plant will generate power from its natural gas-fired turbines, and later from the steam-driven turbine to exhaust heat from the two gas-fired units.

The two-stage process of the facility will increase the operating efficiency of the facility, lower its fuel costs, and reduce air emissions.

Puget Sound Energy Energy Operations senior vice president Paul Wiegand said, "With the addition of this plant to our supply portfolio, our customers gain another cost-effective, environmentally responsible source of power."

PSE owns three other natural gas-fired power plants in Whatcom County namely the 147MW Whitehorn Generating Station, the 167MW Encogen Generating Station, and the 125MW Sumas Generating Station.