As a Pro Custom Solar Ambassador, you have the opportunity to profit financially and environmentally.

The goal of the program is for customers and business associates to present PCS as their official solar partner.

Much like networking, the program requires members to do what they do best – talk with friends and family and spread the word about solar.

Once the partner generates a qualified referral, PCS will take it from there answering questions, providing information and helping to convert the referrals into PCS clients.

The program allows any person who is passionate about solar power to sign up and begin earning based on sales generated from referrals.

This program will also help contribute to the positive impact solar has on the environment.

When you put solar on your roof, you are producing your own clean energy and any excess electricity produced is pushed back to the grid.

The whole concept or solar is relatively new and most homeowners don’t realize how affordable solar has become.

According to a report by the International Renewable Energy Agency, prices for solar have fallen by 80% since 2008 and are expected to keep moving downward.

Meanwhile, solar panel technology has become more efficient, offering significant savings for New Jersey homeowners.

Pro Custom Solar marketing manager, Lyndsay Palianto, commented on the Solar Ambassador Program, "We wanted to leverage and empower our current relationships and give them a reliable and sustainable product backed with quality workmanship."

"That is why we implemented the Solar Ambassador Referral Program to encourage people to spread the word about the benefits of solar and get paid for doing just that."