Premier Tech Aqua (PTA), a developer of decentralized wastewater treatment products for the residential, commercial, community and industrial sectors, has introduced the new rotomoulded plastic Ecoflo biofilter wastewater treatment system for isolated dwellings.

This all plant-assembled wastewater treatment unit (components and filter media), which adds to the company’s existing line of fiberglass and concrete Ecoflo biofilters, is currently available for three-bedroom homes built on well-drained soil.

Each Ecoflo system that has its polyethylene tank designed and patented by Maya Design, a PTA partner, is registered and supported by a continuous annual maintenance program provided by PTA’s network of local partners.

The company is claimed to have provided more than 45,000 families with the Ecoflo biofilter wastewater treatment system, providing protection for public health and the environment.

PTA general manager of onsite wastewater treatment systems Daniel Bourgeois said that this first, ready-to-use, rotomoulded plastic model opens the door to an entirely new generation of biofilters.

“In fact, with our manufacturing partners, we’ve begun discussing the launch of ready-to-use Ecoflo biofilters, available in a variety of tanks, throughout North America,” Bourgeois said.