In order to meet EU's 2050 decarbonisation ambition, Pöyry Management Consulting has launched a new multi-client study to investigate alternative pathways for decarbonisation in heat, transport and power sectors.

The majority of analysis of decarbonisation pathways assume large scale electrification of heat and transport sectors supported by a low-carbon power generation sector.  The choice of pathway is effectively very limited due to this initial narrowing of focus.

The ‘cost’ to consumers may therefore be higher than it needs to be because the benefits of alternative energy carriers (in terms of carbon reduction, cost of energy and ability to deliver) have not been explored. 

The study will take into account different technologies and disruptive risks to the 2050 decarbonisation targets and place a cost on the implementation of each pathway alongside redundancy costs from stranded assets.

Eight organisations, so far, have agreed to join the study. They represent utilities, TSOs, producers and governments from across Europe.  The study will commence with a kick-off in London on 28th February, with a final report due in the autumn.