ComEC, which is built around PowerSines’ patented power transformers and is controlled by a microprocessor, uses voltage control technology to slash the facility’s electric bill and mitigate voltage sags, improving the overall power quality of the facility’s entire electric network.

ComEC can be installed just after the main circuit breaker of the facility, or at a specific electric board without making any modification to the existing electrical infrastructure, or changes to electrical equipment’s mode of operation, optimizing the supplied voltage for electric loads and circuits.

PowerSines CEO Eran Tagor said that the company believes in the holistic approach, whereby everybody profits from energy efficiency solutions, the largest untapped source of energy that is beneficial for everyone.

“ComEC will be an important building block in the smart grid infrastructure. It helps customers reduce their operation costs, and at the same time enables utilities to control peak demand situations and rendering the entire grid more efficient,” Tagor said.