The new business awards include approximately $7 million of new turnkey distributed generation (DG) business, approximately $7 million of additional utility infrastructure (UI) business and approximately $6 million in new energy efficiency (EE) sales.

The $7 million in new DG awards include a major hospital project and turnkey DG projects for data centers, industrial sites, waste water treatment facilities and retailers.

The $7 million in new UI awards include substation, transmission and distribution work for ongoing utility system maintenance and construction projects, including anticipated near term transmission work for the large new utility relationship which was announced in November 2013.

The $6 million in new EE awards include projects to serve our large ESCO customers by implementing energy efficiency improvements at several federal facilities and public school locations.

"We are pleased to see continued strength in new order activity across all three of our product and service areas," said Sidney Hinton, chief executive officer of PowerSecure.