With the delivery of the 2.5MW inverter as its entry into the wind market, Power-One has built a technology to provide the renewable energy industry with solutions for large-scale projects. The current design will support towers with a capacity of 5-6MW, as well as for future designs with capacities over 10MW. Further, the inverter incorporates liquid-cooling technology and medium voltage, designed to reduce customers footprint and cabling costs.

Alex Levran, senior vice president and chief technical officer of Power-One, said: “We believe the global wind turbine market provides solid opportunities for growth as global economies strive to meet renewable energy standards. This design win and successful delivery highlights our strength in renewable energy, while also providing us with an excellent opportunity for expansion into the ‘mega wind’ sector.

“Power-One is committed to expanding both its solar and wind power product line in order to meet our end-customers needs. The success of this project enabled us to develop critical technologies for our future wind and PV inverters.”