The MOU calls for Powerdyne International to manufacture two 500kw PDIGensets for Silver City Aluminum. The agreement is based on months of planning and development along with the recently completed engineering study according to Dale Euga, President and CEO of Powerdyne International, Inc.

"The MOU is a great step forward in continuing our ongoing relationship with Silver City Aluminum Company," said Euga. "We believe this initial order for two of our PDIGensets is an ideal way to demonstrate to Silver City Aluminum, as well as other potential clients, the substantial amount of money we can save them on existing power bills by utilizing our patent-pending PDIGenset equipment. Working with President Ron Xavier at Silver City Aluminum and his team has been a great experience as we look to build a long term business relationship — manufacturing these first two 500 kw PDIGensets is a great start."

Recently, the company completed its engineering study for Silver City Aluminum Company which provided the basis for the MOU and gave the company the necessary information that will be needed in order to manufacture both units and install the equipment. In addition, Euga said the location of both PDIGenset units will also provide a more accessible space for the equipment maintenance and equipment maneuvering reducing the cost of installation.