Hydropower unit No. 2, renovated by Power Machines, has been commissioned at Charvakskaya HPP. Its capacity has increased by 15 MW, reaching 170 MW.

The renovation contract for four hydropower units of Charvakskaya HPP was signed between Power Machines and Cascade of Orta Chirchiq HPPs Unitary Enterprise, part of Uzbekenergo, Uzbekistan, in 2011.

In performing the contract, Power Machines renovated hydromechanical parts of governors and oil pressure installations and also automatic control systems of hydropower units with a visual monitoring and control system built at an HPP level.

Power Machines’ obligations under the contract also include the replacement of hydroturbine runners (on hydropower units No. 1, 2 and 4) and renovation of hydrogenerators with stator windings to be changed and new excitation systems to be installed.

Equipment is scheduled to be completely supplied in 2015.

The implementation of the Charvakskaya HPP renovation project will increase the plant’s capacity by 45 MW and will also improve its security and performance.