The work is to be undertaken in 2008 and will see the unit uprated from 9MW to 12MW. The contract involves manufacture and supply of a turbine, generator and supervision of installation. In addition, the contract also requires upgrade of the turbine control and generator excitation systems.

Volkhovskaya is located on the river Volkhov, in Leningrad district, and it was commissioned over 1926-7. The plant has eight units, all of which originally had 9MW capacity. Three units were upgraded to 12MW each in the 1990s and the contract award if the first step in the refurbishment and uprating programme for the remaining five turbine-generators.

Power Machines said it is working with TGK-1 to study the refurbishment and uprating plans for the remaining four units at Volkhovskaya.

In addition, the Russian equipment manufacturer is also looking with TGK-1 at the refurbishment needs of two units at the Nizhne-Svirskaya plant.

Separately, Power Machines also announced that its financing facilities have been boosted by agreements with VTB and Gazprombank.