The hydroturbine components and parts were shipped to the hydropower plant, after functional tests in the presence of customer’s representative, while the impeller housing has been already shipped to the plant.

The renovated hydropower unit, will allow to achieve maximum electric power output at minimum water consumption, according to Power Machines.

Hydropower unit is expected to start operations in the early 2014, after completing the construction and installation works, as well as commissioning tests.

Overhaul of hydropower units at Cheboksarskaya HPP has started in 2007, with the renovation of the blade turning mechanism of impeller #7.

Between 2010 and 2012, three impellers of hydropower units ##16, 8 and 4 were overhauled, while currently the manufacturer is restoring Kaplan operation mode of the plant’s unit #6, and five other will be renovated by the end of 2016.

Power Machines has signed an agreement with RusHydro in October 2012, to renovate eight hydropower units at Cheboksarskaya HPP.