• A 50-50 joint venture of EHN and Hydro Tasmania is due soon to start construction of the $80 million 66 MWe Cathedral Rocks wind farm, to be located on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. The farm will consist of thirty-three 2 MWe V-80 Vestas turbines.

Development approval has now been obtained from the District Council for construction of the facility, and an agreement has been signed with the utility ElectraNet to connect the wind farm to the South Australian grid via a substation at Port Lincoln.

The project will be EHN’s first wind power development in Australia. It has other similar projects in Australia at an advanced stage of investigation.


• Amparo, Tres Pinheiros, Cruz Alta, and Campo Belo wind farms.

The Brazilian government has started the bidding process for construction of four wind farms in Santa Catarina state, in the south of Brazil. The total value of the contracts is $83 million.

Two companies will act as

independent producers. Pegasus Desenvolvimento de Negocios will be responsible for Amparo (30 MWe) and Campo Belo (9.6 MWe), while Santa Cruz Energia will be responsible for Tres Pinheiros (30 MWe) and Cruz Alta (30 MWe). Operations at all sites are expected to start in December 2006.


• VA Tech Hydro has won a r15 million contract to supply the main components of three Kaplan bulb turbines, each with a 35MWe output, for the Xia Long Men plant in Sichuan province.

Scope of supply includes the main components of four 38.5 MWe Kaplan turbines for the Jin Xi power plant. Deliveries are due to start in April 2005.

East Africa

• The energy ministers of Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania have agreed to finance a $300 million tripartite power interconnector project through public and private partnership. The first phase of the interconnector is due to be commissioned in 2007, and the second phase in 2012.

The ministers concerned have said that the response to the

project from the World Bank has been positive.


• Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Mitsubishi Electric have won an EPC contract from PT PLN, Indonesia’s state-owned electricity company, to supply a 740 MWe combined-cycle gas turbine power plant.

The plant will consist of two M701F gas turbines, one steam turbine and two HRSGs and will be constructed at Cilegon in Banten province, 90 km west of Jakarta. Operation of the plant is expected to start progressively from 2005, with full operation due by early 2006. The contract is on a full turnkey basis.


Wårtsilå is to supply Iraq with two power stations in a deal worth about $450 million. The 341MWe oil-fired plants will be delivered to the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity in 2004 and 2005. They will be built at the company’s factory in Trieste.


• San Severo combined cycle power plant

The Italian utility Asco Piave has been granted planning permission for a $295 million 400 MWe

single-shaft combined cycle

gas-fired power plant located at Puglia. The project was acquired from Mirant: the plant is due to start operation in 2006.

For further information, contact:

Pieve di Soligo on

+39 438 980098

• Vado Ligure combined cycle power plant

Tirreno Power is accepting tenders for the gas and steam turbines, engineering design services and repair and maintenance contracts for the conversion of four existing 330 MWe coal-fired units to

gas-fired combined cycle operation at Vado Ligure power plant.

The total value of the contracts is estimated at $650 million. Work is scheduled to commence in October 2004 with commercial operation by 2007. Tirreno Power, formerly known as Interpower, is now owned by a consortium of Energia and Electrabel.

For further information, contact:

A. Diaz on +39 197 75 48 40

Fax: +39 197 75 48 27


• CCGT power plant.

The Energy and Mineral Resources ministry of Jordan is planning to order the construction of a $325 million 300 MWe combined cycle gas-fired power plant. K&M Engineering Consultancy has been awarded a consultancy contract for the tender stage. It is expected that requests for participation in the BOO tender will launched in Autumn 2004. The plant is due to start up in 2007.


• Apeldoorn cogeneration plant.

Nuon Belgium is planning to build at Antwerp a r265 million cogeneration plant with a capacity of 230 MW and 95t/h of steam at 21-30 bar. Interested partes are invited to submit for pre-qualification, with a cut-off date of April 2004. The plant is scheduled to enter operation in 2006.

The project includes design, supply, fabrication, installation and handover. Auxiliary boiler plant and HV grid connections are included in the scope.

For further information, contact:

Theo Wassing on +31 6 5250 4436, Fax: +31 5 5529 2949, email:


• Coastal Trading and Construction of Dubai is exploring investment possibilities for power projects in Pakistan. Yousuf Mohamed Najibi, chief executive of Coastal Trading, said the company wanted to invest $1.2 billion in large hydropower projects, ranging from 50 MWe to over 1000 MWe.

Pakistan’s finance minister Shaukat Aziz has said that Coastal Trading could participate in the privatisation of Jamshoro power plant, and power distribution

companies in Faisalabad, Karachi and Peshawar.


• Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) is planning to build a $775 million power and desalination plant comprising 750 MWe and

50 MIGD capacity. This extra capacity is required to meet demand forecasts up to 2009. Start up of the plant is scheduled for late 2006.

Kahramaa has said that there are four possible site locations, Ras Laffan, Ras Abu Fontas, Masieed and Dukhan.

For further information, contact:

Technical Affairs Dept, 1st Floor, Kahramaa, Dafna, Qatar.


• Unified Energy Systems of Russia (UES RAO) has awarded to a consortium of Enel of Italy and ESN-Energo of Russia the contract to run the North West CHP plant. Three companies, the two named together with Fortum, were involved in the final round

of bidding out of the ten that took part in the pre-qualification stage, which reviewed compliance with the pre-qualification criteria, and analysis and assessment of the technical and financial aspects

of the bids.

The successful consortium will operate the plant, oversee construction of the second

450 MW unit and the heating main, and raise funds to complete construction of the project.

The second unit is currently

under construction and is due

to enter service in 2006.

Saudi Arabia

• The Saudi Petrochemical Company (SADAF), an affiliate of Sabic, has signed a $170 million contract with Jubail Energy Company to build and operate a 250 MWe cogeneration power plant at the site. This plant is

due to start operation in the second quarter of 2005. The plant will also produce 510 t/hr

of steam as part of a 20-year energy conversion agreement. Jubail Energy Company is a 75/25 joint venture of National Power Co and CMS Generation. CMS is to co-manage the construction and operation of

the plant.


• Escombreras CCGT plant.

Iberdrola of Spain has awarded GE Power a contract to supply the gas and steam turbines for the $550 million 800 MWe Escombreras combined cycle gas-fired power plant in Murcia. Commercial operation is due to start in early 2005.


• Sell Moor onshore wind farm

The Renewable Development Company has applied for planning permission for a £28 million

38 MWe onshore wind farm to consist of 19 turbines and sited near Galashiels in Scotland . A decision on the planning permission application is expected by the end of 2004.

The wind farm is scheduled to begin operations in 2006.

For further information, contact:

Nick Yencken of RDC Scotland

on +44 (0) 131 672 1888



• Furnas hydropower plant upgrade.


Furnas is planning a $100 million tender for turbine upgrades at the 476 MWe Mascarenhas de Morais and 1050 MWe Luiz Carlos Barreto hydropower stations, both in Minas Gerais state.

The tender rules for selection of contractors are expected to be announced in April 2004.

Furnas has also announced a $52 million upgrade programme at the 1050 MWe Luiz Carlos Barreto hydropower station, in Minas Gerais for the upgrade of six turbines. Furnas has also announced a $34 million upgrade of six of the 10 turbines at Mascarenhas de Morais hydropower station, in Sao Paulo state.

For further information, contact:

Furnas planning manager Paulo Cesar Esmeraldo on

+ 55 21 2528 5705,


• Arrubel combined cycle power plant.

Siemens is the turnkey EPC contractor for a r650 million

800 MWe combined cycle gas-fired power plant at Arrubel, La Rioja. Siemens also has a 12-year O&M contract for the plant.

The project will comprise two gas turbines and two steam turbines. The plant is scheduled to first come on stream by the end of 2004.


• Tavazzano Montanaso combined cycle power plant

Endesa Italia has been granted planning permission for a

$625 million 800 MWe repowering project at an existing site at Tavazzano Montanaso in Lombardy. The Ministry of Active Productivity (MAP) has approved the project, and Environmental Impact Assessment clearance has already been given.

The project scope involves the construction of two new 400 MWe combined cycle gas-fired units, with a scheduled start up due by the end of 2007. Work is scheduled to commence in summer 2005.

What kind of plant previously???


• Jaiprakash Power Ventures, a subsidiary of Jaiprakash Industries, is developing a $420 million hydropower project on the Alaknanda river. The plant is due to start operation in December 2006. The Vishnuprayag hydropower project will have an installed capacity of 400 MWe.

Jaiprakash Power Ventures will develop the project on a BOOT basis. NEEDS COMPLETE RWRITE


• VA Tech T&D has won a contract to supply and install the new Graz substation of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). The substation will comprise an 110 kV outdoor switchyard, an air-insulated metal-clad 15kV indoor switching system and auxiliary systems. The scope of delivery also includes integration of protection and control systems as well as inter-system design and engineering tasks.

The project is scheduled for completion by summer 2005.


• VA Tech T&D has won a r5.4 million contract from Parsian HV Substations Development for additional work on the Choghadak substation. The contract is for 2500m of 400 kV busducting with surge arrestors. The contract is in addition to the main Choghadak substation contract won by VA Tech T&D in March 2003.


• GE Energy has won a $2 million contract from Cegelec SA de CV of Mexico to replace one of the hydro turbines at the Botello hydropower plant located on the Angulo river in Panindícuaro, Michoacan State, Mexico.

GE Energy will replace an existing 4MWe unit at the Botello plant with a 9.22MWe horizontal Francis turbine. GE will also provide an electric generator, governor, excitation system, valves and auxiliary system. The equipment will be manufactured at GE Energy facilities in Brazil, and shipped to site by the end of 2004. Commercial operation is due to start by April 2005.



• A consortium of Enel and ESN-Energo has been awarded the r of received final bids for a tender to run Unified Energy Systems of Russia (UES RAO) the North West CHP plant announced – .rom Fortum of Finland, Enel of Italy, and ESN Energo of Russia.Ten companies took part in the pre-qualification stage of the tendering process. The Tender Commission of UES RAO reviewed the final bids. The bids were reviewed for compliance with the pre-qualification criteria and the terms and conditions to run the power plant. The next stage involved analysis and assessment of the technical and financial aspects of the bids.