Valued at a combined INR1bn (€12.5m), the contracts cover supply of Astlom’s energy management system (EMS) to enable reliable, secure and efficient operation of the electric power system in India’s Southern and Western regional load dispatch centres (SRLDC and WRLDC).

Alstom T&D India managing director Rathin Basu said the company has supplied equipment to India’s three out of five RLDCs and to the National Load Dispatch Centre.

”This second wave of upgrades for the regional centres will significantly improve the operational efficiency and increase power flow across the Indian grid, particularly after the integration of Southern grid into the national grid (expected in 2014),” Basu added.

Apart from ensuring overall reliability of the electric power system, through advanced user interface and situational awareness capacities, the EMS is also expected to help Power Grid operators make fast decisions using advanced visualization, information storage and retrieval tools.

India’s electrical grid capacity growth seeks upgrade to both 765 kV AC transmission and high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission for bulk power transfer, which in turn should be backed up by equally advanced energy management software.

Alstom T&D India is currently implementing INR1.9bn (€22.3m) National Transmission Asset Management Centre Project, secured in 2012, which will support Power Grid in management and control of 192 substations from nine regional and one national asset management centre.