The new closing date for interest in participation is 2 September 2004, while the final date for receipt of pre-qualification documents is 16 September.

Bids are being sought by Empresas Públicas de Medellín E.S.P. (EE.PP.M), which also carried out the conceptual design for the project.

Porce III is to be the largest power station in the EE.PP.M generation system, and is the result of a long-term planning process to develop Porce river hydraulic resources. On completion of the project, EE.PP.M will reach the maximum percentage allowed by law; equal to 25% of Colombian installed capacity.

The project is to be located in the northeast of Antioquia department, 147km from Medellín, with areas in Amalfi, Anorí, Guadalupe and Gomez Plata municipalities.

EE.PP.M is to use part of the existing infrastructure in the area for construction, and will take advantage of the regulation capacity of the Porce II and Riogrande II project reservoirs and the Troneras and Miraflores reservoirs, which are part of the Guadalupe system.

The scheme will have an installed capacity of 660MW, with an annual generation of 3106GWh.

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