Therefore, the Cuxhaven-located PNE WIND Group as a developer and operator wants to use this new technology in their wind farms in the district of Cuxhaven.

 “Using demand-oriented night lighting which only sends out red signals if an air plane is approaching, we also react to the requests from the general public and from politicians,” says Kurt Stürken, Executive Board of PNE WIND AG for operative transactions.

To ensure air traffic safety, general administrative regulations stipulate the use of red obstruction lighting at night for wind power plants of more than 100 metres in height as a marking of obstructions to aviation. However, if using other technically reliable systems, this permanent lighting is not really necessary.

These warning lights can be switched off if air traffic safety can still be ensured,” says Malte Mehrtens of energy consult which is responsible for the wind farm management at the PNE WIND Group. On the occasion of the Husum Wind Fair, Heiko Stoffers, head of the project development department at the holding company PNE WIND AG, is more precise about the plans: “We are about to install appropriate solutions for the first time. We want to start with the wind farms in Kührstedt – Alfstedt and further wind farms in the district of Cuxhaven.

To this end, PNE WIND AG as the project developer and its subsidiary energy consult decided to use a demand-oriented night lighting system produced by Quantec Sensors located in Isernhagen. This system ensures that the wind farm lighting is only switched on if a low-flying air plane approaches. As one of three systems in Germany, the Quantec Sensors system was approved by the DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung) which is in charge of the German air traffic control.

“We know that permanent warning lights are annoying for local residents. In our pursuit to be a future-oriented wind farm manager, it was only natural for the PNE WIND Group to pioneer approaches and not to wait for government regulations,” explains Kurt Stürken, Executive Board.

Alexander Gerdes of Quantec Sensors welcomes the decision taken by the PNE WIND Group: “Our corporate slogan is: ‘We give back darkness to the night’. Our system will significantly reduce light emissions to contribute to higher acceptance of wind power”.

With one Quantec Sensors detection system, several wind farms of a whole region can be jointly controlled. “Once it is installed, it is also possible for wind farms other than PNE WIND Group wind farms to connect to this system subject to cost sharing”, announces Malte Mehrtens and adds: “The more wind farms participating, the better for the local residents and the lower the costs for the plant operators”.

Heiko Stoffers adds: “With this system, we found a solution at a fair price. Moreover, we are presently making good progress with the district of Cuxhaven and others regarding approval processes and thus becoming one of the first companies to be in a position to increase the acceptance of wind power projects”.