Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. (Philips) has developed a new range of alternative solutions like energy-efficient halogen solutions, high-quality compact fluorescent energy savers (CFLi) and LED-based solutions. The new solutions help consumers to achieve the desired ambience in their home. With the new solutions, the consumers do not have to compromise on style, quality and contemporary home ambience any more.

From September 1, 2009 the phase-out of energy-inefficient lamps announced by the European Union (EU) will start. This phase-out plan will significantly contribute to saving energy and carbon emissions throughout Europe.

The energy-efficient halogen solutions:

The EcoClassic range, designed to ensure the very best in light quality, ambience and atmosphere, will enable conscientious consumers to light their homes beautifully, while also enjoying the very latest advances in energy-saving technology and up to 50% energy savings. In addition the Philips EcoClassic range operates on all common dimmers, allowing consumers to control the light level and to create the required atmosphere.

Increased performance of CFLi energy-saving lighting solutions:

Over the past few years the performance of energy-saving lighting solutions has improved dramatically. Rolf Smeets, Product Marketing Manager at Philips Consumer Lighting Europe, says: “Traditional first generation energy savers cannot be compared to the current generation of energy-efficient lighting solutions.” Smeets adds: “Furthermore, Philips has developed energy-efficient lamps that are dimmable. Finally, the shape and design of the latest generation of energy savers has improved and can easily fit any luminaire.”

LED-based solutions:

Philips offers a broad portfolio of sustainable LED products to create atmosphere in the home e.g. LivingColors, Ledino and home lighting accessories like the White CandleLight and AquaLight. After the summer holidays, retrofit LED lamps will be launched. Rolf Smeets: “LED is the future of lighting. Due to the small size of the diodes, they offer interior specialists freedom of design and consumers will have the possibility to set scenes in their homes with the simple press of a button. Philips offers the consumer hassle-free products that make life as simple and comfortable as possible. This means we will pursue sustainable solutions without compromising on the quality the customer experiences.”

Smeets: “No doubt in the near future energy savers will go beyond what consumers thought was possible, exceeding even the most demanding needs and expectations.”