As per the contractual terms Pavli Valle will be responsible for the final assembly of the plant, process engineering and fabrication of tanks and equipments of the facility.

Petrosonic is constructing the de-asphalting and processing plant to process 1,000 barrels of oil per day for the upgrading of heavy oil.

The company will use its sonic reactor technology for the first time to provide energy and cost efficient heavy oil processing.

Petrosonic Energy CEO Art Agolli said the company has inching towards the commissioning of its first heavy oil de-asphalting and processing facility.

"Pavli Valle has a great reputation in this field and we are confident in their capacity and capability to conclude the contract in time," Agolli added.

"Our objective is to start up the heavy oil processing facility and commercialize the SonoprocessTM Technology within the 4th Quarter of 2012."

The company is also planning to expand the capacity of the facility to 5,000 barrels per day once it achieves the completion of the current project.