The company said interpretation of the data gathered will be the next step in determining drilling locations for conventional and unconventional exploration wells as part of the 2013/2014 capital exploration program in the Southern Georgina Basin to be announced at a later date.

PetroFrontier noted that pursuant to the amended farmin agreement announced in June 2013, Statoil Australia Theta has assumed operatorship of its four exploration permits which include EP 103, EP 104, EP 127, EP 128.

Statoil Australia has also assumed exploration permit applications which include EPA 213 and EPA 252 effective 1 September 2013.

PetroFrontier is engaged in the exploration, acquisition and development of both conventional and unconventional petroleum assets in Australia’s Southern Georgina Basin.

Subsequent to the amended farmin agreement, the company holds a net carried 20% working interest in about 14.1 million gross acres.