The discovery was the result of the drilling of the exploratory prospect known as Brava, performed by means of well 6-MRL-199D-RJS, located 170 km away from the city of Macae (state of Rio de Janeiro).

The accumulation discovered in pre-salt carbonatic reservoirs of the Aptian age, is nestled at a depth of 4,460mt. Drilling was made to a total depth of about 5,000mt to reach the reservoir, of which 1,000mt of salt.

Preliminary estimates indicate potential recoverable volumes at about 380 million barrels of oil equivalent there. Tests will be made to assess the productivity of these reservoirs.

The discovery is located in the area near the installed infrastructure in the Marlim and Voador fields, and the discovery well is located 4.5km from the platform P-27, a fact that should not only facilitate field development, but also can reduce investments, according to the company.

The company said that this accumulation will be the object of an Assessment Plan to be submitted to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) soon.