With the IntelliView platform, the customers will be able to analyze smart grid application data to enable remote command and control of large distributed energy systems.

The new platform’s Energy Management System module enables a centralized view of a virtual power plant consisting of a large installed base of SunWave smart solar systems distributed over a broad geographical area, the company said.

The Network Management System as a foundation module, allows the customers to have a dashboard view of all elements of the communications network.

Petra Solar president and CEO Shihab Kuran said the combination of smart grid network infrastructure management and renewable energy management services will result in IntelliView platform to provide services for utility partners.

"The new platform is scalable to future smart grid applications, including energy efficiency, energy conservation, grid reliability and smart microgrids," Kuran said.

The Petra Solar Network Operations Center also expands its smart energy services offering from support of SunWave smart solar systems to the option for full remote 24/7 operations of Petra Solar designed smart grid networks.

US-based Petra Solar is a technology company providing reliable, cost-effective smart energy solutions to the electric supply industry.