Performance Technologies S.A. (Performance Technologies), a Greece-based information technology (IT) company, has introduced a new IPnexus MicroTCA system, AMP5071. AMP5071 provides a virtually endless range of flexible options to meet design criteria for telecom, networking, as well as aerospace and defense communication systems. AMP5071 is designed for system engineers developing IP-based communication products.

The company will be hosting a webinar entitled, Complete MicroTCA Application-Ready Platforms: Reduce Costs and Time-to-Market, on Wednesday, March 18, 2009 at 2:00PM eastern time.

Fully integrated and operational right out of the box, the new AMP5071 enables embedded engineers to begin their new product development faster, without all the time spent integrating disparate technologies from multiple vendors into a working prototype. The fully integrated system is suitable for applications such as WiMAX gateways, LTE infrastructure equipment, radar gateways, weather alert systems, enterprise VoIP/SIP servers, transportation network equipment, and scientific compute and monitoring systems.

The new AMP5071 comes integrated with a choice of processing Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC). Developers can select an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, or a Freescale MPC8641D dual-core 1 GHz PowerPC processor. Additional AMC modules for I/O, storage, and compute functions can be easily configured and integrated into the system in order to meet a wide range of IP-based communications design criteria. In addition, the high availability MicroTCA system comes loaded with the company’s NexusWare Carrier Grade Linux OS and development environment, and remote systems management software, NexusWare Portal.

In today’s cash-tight economy, finding new ways to leverage repeatable cost-cutting and time-saving methodologies is paramount. Our integrated platforms of hardware and fully developed Linux software enable system integrators and OEMs to more rapidly and cost-effectively design, develop, and deploy their next generation, IP-based communication systems, said Tony Romero, senior product manager at Performance Technologies. This complete and tightly integrated approach can not only trim their schedule by months and man-years, but also has the potential to provide significant cost-savings in the project development phase of new, leading-edge communication solutions.

Advanced Features of the IPnexus AMP5071 Platform include:

Four-nines of availability is achieved with high-reliability features including redundant hot-swappable power supplies and fan trays, a sturdy steel enclosure, and high quality embedded components designed on the motherboard.

High-performance connectivity with dual 1 Gb Ethernet links and x4 PCI Express lanes to each AMC slot and Quad 1 Gb Ethernet uplinks (rear panel access)

Pre-integrated, Carrier Grade Linux OS (NexusWare);

NexusWare Portal for remote monitoring and management;

Extensive list of optional communications protocols for immediate integration;

Innovative MicroTCA architecture maximizes space savings and offers a very cost-effective solution;

Virtually endless combinations of compute, storage, connectivity options with the company’s wide range of supporting AMCs;

OEM quantity pricing for the AMP5071 Application-Ready System, configured with a processor AMC, storage, and NexusWare starts at $4,595.

Performance Technologies will be showcasing the IPnexus AMP5071 and other IPnexus systems, as well as its suite of NexusWare software (Carrier Grade Linux OS) that includes NexusWare Portal, and NexusWare SIP at the 2009 Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley, in San Jose, California from March 31, 2009 to April 2, 2009.