Perf Go Green Holdings, Inc. (Perf Go Green), a US-based biodegradable plastics company, has introduced PerfPower Eco-alkaline batteries and the free recycling initiative. The batteries contains 0% lead, 0% mercury, and 0% cadmium and packaging materials of these batteries are recyclable and are made with recycled materials.

“The core of any alkaline battery is made from a chemical compound and should not go in the landfill. California is the first state to ban alkaline batteries from landfills, with other states soon to follow,” Perf Go Green chairman and chief executive officer Tony Tracy states, a fact, competitors are weary to admit. “With our PerfPower batteries and free recycling program we hope to engage consumers in the recycling process and hopefully through its accessibility, recycling will become habit.”

For this purpose, Perf Go Green will be offering the first free recycling initiative to complete the sustainable life cycle. By offering a complimentary service, Perf Go Green makes recycling PerfPower batteries convenient and accessible. The company can provide a complete eco-cycle from start to finish.

Perf Go Green considers in reusing, recycling, and lessening their impact on the environment as much as possible. From development to disposal, all Perf Go Green products respect our cradle-to-cradle philosophy. Formed with one purpose, one goal in mind-to stop trashing the planet and embrace solutions that will help achieve this goal, Perf Go Green, is happy to provide more products to meet the demand of the eco-conscious consumer.